/ Nishchay – Har Ghar Bijli
  • The objective of this Nishchay is to provide electricity to every willing family in rural areas of Bihar.
  • In order to achieve this objective, Mukhyamantri Vidhyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana is being implemented in the State.
  • Under this scheme, the State Government through its resources is ensuring power connection along with electricity meter to all the houses in rural areas (APL).

Current Status

  • Electrification of all 39073 villages has been completed in December, 2017.
  • Electricity connectivity has been made available in all 1,06,667 settlements in the State till April, 2018.
  • Electricity connectivity has been provided to all willing 1.61 crore households.
  • Through Panchayat level camps, applications are being collected from left out willing families.